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“Amazing Results” with the Clarity Skin Therapy Light

Beautiful skinI just talked with a customer and she was raving about the Clarity Skin Therapy Light. Her 15 year old daughter was suffering with terrible acne and was on medication.

They purchased the Clarity Skin Therapy Light and started treatment with the blue bulbs. They saw fabulous results and in less than 2 weeks have stopped all skin treatment medication and started using regular facial soap and toner.

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New Dr Kern Skin Therapy Tanning Light

Dr. Kern's Sun Lamp for Skin Therapy

Just in time for summer, we have added a new skin therapy light to our product list: Dr. Kern’s Sun Light. This portable tanning light is only 18×10×6.5 and weighs only 18 lbs. It has a larger coverage area than regular sunlamps and doesn’t have the harmful UV-B rays that burn skin. It tans with UV-A rays so you can look great all year long.

DPL Skin Therapy for skin repair

DPL Skin Therapy for skin repairIt’s cold, cold, cold here in Minnesota. I decided to brave the cold this past Saturday and walk outside. I got all bundled up and wore my Ugg boots with no socks.

My feet were toasty the whole walk but somehow I rubbed the skin off of the ball of one of my feet. It was throbbing and burning when I removed my boots. I put my bare foot on top of one of the panels of the DPL unit and used it for about 30 minutes.

Abra Cadabra! The pain was gone. The skin was still pink but was no longer sensitive. It is the light with a million skin treatment uses!

Skin Therapy Lights and TMJ

Over the summer, a customer who had ordered the DPL skin therapy light called me. She was absolutely thrilled that using the light had reduced the symptoms of TMJ (a condition in which the temporomandibular joint does not function properly) to the point that she was eating nuts for the first time in years.

She said that you can’t always believe what you read, but for her, the DPL skin therapy light was like a 9 minute miracle.

Skin Therapy for Auto Accident Pain Relief and Healing

On June first I was in a rear end collision. I had a head laceration that required 4 staples and a sprained neck. I am not one to take medications, so the only pain reliever I took was ibuprofen and homeopathic oral arnica and arnica in lotion form.

I found the DPL skin therapy light indispensable! I used it on my head laceration to reduce the swelling, reduce the pain and heal the laceration. I iced my entire spine for 20 minutes in sections from my head to my tailbone. Continue reading

Relief with the DPL Skin Therapy Light

I was roller blading this summer, got a blade caught in a tar snake, and I went sliding across the pavement. I spread out my fall by putting my arms out in front of me and must have looked like a landing superwoman.

Thank goodness for wrist guards! I scraped many layers of skin off of my hip bones and I was in agony. As soon as I got home, I began using my DPL skin therapy light by removing the panels and placing one alongside each hip bone. I pressed the on button for 3-4 cycles and felt great relief.

With daily use, my hips scabbed over that first day and the scabs fell off in 7 days! I was able to get back on the blades in record time. Now our family uses the skin therapy light almost constantly for Astroturf burns (2 kids in soccer), bumps, bruises and headaches. I love this unit!

Dr Kern Beauty skin treatment’s a winner

I am 43 and suffer from acne. I don’t believe in skin treatment medication and most topicals burned my skin. Everything makes me break out: chocolate, sugar, wheat, sunscreen, lotion….

I have finally hit on a fabulous fix! I have been using Nature’s Gate 3 step acne kit for about 2 months and have had good results, but I still had breakouts. I started using the Dr Kern Beauty skin treatment one week ago. I use it after I wash my face and before I go to bed. This seems to be the only time that I can consistently use it. My face is clear for the first time in years! My skin feels tight, clean and tingly in the best way. I keep holding my breath waiting for the next big break out, but so far I’m happy to say that there has not been one. I’m sold on this product!

Skin Therapy Lights for Psoriasis

Here is a question I get more often than you would think. What is the best skin treatment light for Psoriasis?

Turns out that ultraviolet A (UV A) or ultraviolet B (UV B) is the best way to use skin treatment lights for Psoriasis. Here is an article on treatment options for psoriasis that appeared today on that talks about it.

So which skin treatment light box should I choose if I want to treat my Psoriasis?

Most full spectrum bulbs are going to produce the UVA and UVB. But most skin treatment light box manufacturers will block the UV’s with the diffuser (that plastic thing with the diamond pattern that spreads or “diffuses” the light). Light Therapy Product’s Port a Sun does not filter out the UV rays so that is what we would recommend. Just make sure you get the Full Spectrum model, not the Blue Lux version.

Skin Treatments with Retinoid and DPL Light Therapy

DPL Light TherapyI had a customer call in with a question. She does retinoid skin treatments and chemical peels weekly and wanted to know how long she should wait before using the DPL skin therapy light.

I decided to ask the smart people at LED Technologies who make our DPL/LED skin therapy light. Here is their answer: Continue reading